Solar off-grid mining


There is a way of taking sunlight and seawater in fixed locations and turning it into commodity for local markets, as well as in Bitcoin, which is global spending power and hedge.

Our vision of the future of Bitcoin mining is integration into production process based on 100% renewable energy. There is obvious and strong  opportunity is the sea salt production enhanced with the solar power Bitcoin mining. We utilize the heat from mining for rising an seawater evaporation. That cause shorter production cycle and increase overall sea salt output. 

Global Sea Salt Production: Meeting the Ever-Growing Demand

Global sea salt production has consistently grown over the years, meeting the increasing demand from various industries, including food and beverage, chemical, and environmental management. This vital commodity is extracted from natural sources using a variety of efficient and sustainable methods.

## Extraction Methods and Leading Producers

The extraction of sea salt occurs through solar evaporation, vacuum evaporation, or mechanical mining techniques. Solar evaporation, the most traditional method, involves the collection of seawater in shallow ponds or reservoirs, where sunlight naturally evaporates the water, leaving salt crystals behind.

The top three countries for salt production – China, India, and the United States – account for more than half of the global output. Other significant players include Germany, Canada, and Australia.

## Applications and Market Value

Salt is essential for several industries, such as:

The market value of sea salt production is substantial, reaching approximately 18 billion U.S. dollars in 2022. This demonstrates the importance of sea salt as a valuable resource and economic asset for many nations.

## Sustainability and Future Outlook

As demand for salt increases worldwide, the sea salt industry faces challenges related to environmental impact and sustainability. Producers must consider potential consequences, including habitat loss for marine life, water pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions. Continued innovation in extraction methods, as well as responsible management of natural resources, is essential to ensure sustainable production.

In conclusion, global sea salt production is a critical component of several industries and vital to the economy of many nations. By addressing environmental concerns and adopting sustainable practices, this industry can continue to meet the growing demand for this valuable resource.

shallow ponds

Space where sea water continuously supplied for evaporating under sun. We make one step forward as nobody done before and utilize this space for placing solar panels similar to agrivoltaics concept.


Agrivoltaics is the dual use of land for solar energy production and agriculture. The technique was conceived by Adolf Goetzberger and Armin Zastrow in 1981. Agrivoltaics denotes the approach of using agricultural land to simultaneously produce agricultural crops and generate PV electricity. 


The one of key factors for where we will allocate site for mining on solar panels. For example Germany has 14% time of sunlight, Spain has 17%, Morocco 25%.

We consider location with maximum sun availability, as well as with access to salty water. These locations are not suitable for any activity, due to deadly burn sunlight only. There are also not any infrastructure and our project is 100% off-grid. Due to those factors, the land price must be maximum affordable. 

Please, check for reference on Global Solar Atlas for Chile, Sahara desert, Gulf region, Western Australia, etc.

This video is relevant to strategic allocating solar power stations on-grid. Important! Our case is off-grid and free of cost associated with connecting to the grid. 


Our goal is 100% up-time of Bitcoin mining. Due to we are limited by day time of sun availability we have to store energy enough in advance. There is possibility to store compressed air under water in sphere, which will be discharged by water pressure on demand. While solar panels are active under sun, a compressor pumps the air into the storage. The air from the storage is discharging at the constant rate, in order to feed the generator. Generator is loaded 24/7 at its optimal capacity to support 100% mining uptime.

There area few innovations which have been developed last year, which provide us with core advantage:

Please, have a look on example, which is close to our case.


For mining capacity of 100MW we will need solar panels installation for 500MW, what needs 750Ha of land with insolation rate 25%. The underwater energy storage has capacity to obtain compressed air forced by the solar panels during the day, as much as we need to load generator 24/7.

FYI - BTC mining is generating 0.15$/kW.h, what is for 1MW = 150$/h or 3,600$/day or 108,000$/month (on 21.04.2024).

The heat from miners we utilize to stimulate water evaporation, what will increase salt production efficiency. We chill miners from 2 sources: cold water pumped into shallow pounds from the sea, as well as with compressed air supplied from the storage. Same time we have to heat compressed air in order to increase its pressure for higher energy output on the generator.

We have competence on board with our friends ENERA-SOLAR, who provide solar panel installation in Spain. We are developing together  advanced technology to increase installation speed 2 times due to implementation the mobility for frames production with fast assembly fitings which are tested by the leaders in this industry.


Approach well established sea salt producers or make own set up in strategic locations with high insolation, off-grid and sea water availability. Recover abandoned sea production sites shouted down due to CORONA and etc. We depend only on sun, depth of water, logistics.


Approach well established sea salt producers or make own  off-grid  set up in strategic locations with high insolation and sea water availability. Recover abandoned sea production sites abandoned  due to CORONA crisis and etc. We depend only on the sun, depth of water and salt logistics.


We have combined our expertise in water cooling of ASIC and available well known technologies available on the market, as solar panels, compressed air storing, air based generators. We are making off-grid set up of sea salt production with mining behind or positioning our mining operation as 100% renewable, depends on our goals and strategy. As an output we have high intensivity sea salt production, as well as Bitcoin mining in a backstage or as a compliment. We utilize solar energy to pump sea water to shallow ponds and rase the rate of evaporating with extra heating from the miners.